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                    Digital Marketing System – SEO Services, SEM, Social, and Blogging

                    Businesses need to be creative and come up with new ways to engage and interact with their customers. ?We are not just an SEO company. We have put together an award winning digital marketing system that is proven to get an ROI. In fact our customers average a 5 to 1 ROI with our custom platform. Most digital solutions are ROI based and great for lead generation. Don’t miss out on all of the potential clients that are looking for your services as we speak. All companies need to invest in SEO no matter how competitive the market is. The problem is most SEO companies sell SEO services that doesn’t work. If you need more customers, contact one of our reps today and let us prove to you how our services are better than the competitions.

                    Through our high-end, organic SEO services, we strive to increase your website’s page ranking using our knowledge of the latest search engine algorithms along with ethical and result-oriented techniques.

                    Search Engine Marketing or “SEM” is the process of gaining leads and accelerating traffic to your website through purchasing ads on major search engines. SEM is an invaluable tool for today’s business owner. ?If you are looking for immediate lead generation, SEM is a tool that should be used by your company.

                    Brandnative has experts who can work as your social marketing consultant or employee and help you tap the tremendous potential of social media through various tried, tested, and proven methods.

                    Managed blogging is a great way to provide real value content to clients, establish you as an expert in the industry, and help you get rankings on the search engines.

                    How We Are Different

                    There are not many companies that have been entrusted with SEO for Fortune 500 firms but also works with small businesses. Brandnative has had the opportunity to get real results for companies of all sizes. Like many SEO companies, we have some pre built packages that have worked for hundreds of clients.

                    We also have custom SEO solutions that are designed for your unique needs and campaign. Our custom SEO services do not require a long term commitment and allow you to see results quickly. We have even taken brand new startups to the first page within a few months. We start every optimization campaign by analyzing your site for Google Panda and Penguin penalties. We fix any issues that could cause penalties and start true link building and promotion of your website. For more info on our SEO services, call a rep for a free website audit.

                    How Not to Buy SEO Services

                    If you are buying SEO services based on the lowest bidder, you probably are not doing it right. Quality SEO is a continual effort and requires a lot more that doing onsite SEO or submitting your site to directories. There are many factors that you should consider when putting together an SEO plan. Is it a local campaign? National? Is it a competitive industry? Is it for e-commerce? How many keywords are being targeted? All of these are factors that will determine how much you should be paying for SEO services.

                    A set package might not be what you need. Your needs might require a custom solution. We have ran campaigns for Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Trust your SEO needs with a proven top SEO company.

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