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                    Professional Corporate Brand Strategy

                    Developing a brand is not limited to Fortune 500 companies. A local small business can be just as effective establishing an established brand in their local market. Brandnative is a full service creative design firm and Denver Branding Agency that is positioned to help you develop your brand for your business. It is important to note that a Brand is more than a logo. A brand encompasses all aspects of your business. These include things like: marketing materials, your website, your logo, the in store experience, messaging, customer service, and advertising. Our team are experts taking you through a professional branding process from beginning to end. If you are looking build your brand or a re-brand your company, then contact us today for more information.

                    Brand Identity

                    Since branding is an essential component for any business to thrive in the market, it should be handled by specialists who know how to create strategic growth for your business. At Brandnative we have professionals who specialize in various aspects of branding based services and solutions for our clients.

                    One of the most important parts of establishing any online business is through the creation and optimization of a website. Hence, the first and foremost job of any Web Design service provider is to know each and every detail of your website, inside out in order to meet the specific requirements for of your business.?

                    Well designed and attractive business or corporate marketing materials are a powerful advertising tool and should represent your company brand and the products or services you offer in a clear and uncluttered way.

                    A picture speaks a thousand words, and a well designed logo gives a business true corporate identity and a powerful image among its competitors. Every successful company has a strong corporate brand and a recognizable logo.

                    Start-Up Experts

                    Starting a company can be challenging. We have helped many companies find and gain funding for their ideas. When trying to get funding for a startup, it is important to present your company and ideas in a professional manner. Investors want to see progress. They are more likely to invest if you can prove that all you need is funding to get more customers. If you don’t have a website, brand strategy, marketing plan, or things already in the works, the task will become much more difficult. If you have funding already and need to further identify and establish your brand in order to reach your target market, then make sure to contact one of our brand specialists today.

                    Our Brand Process

                    Developing a Brand is lots of work! It is not something that should be rushed into or guessed. We follow a set process that will eliminate risk and take the guess work out of big decisions. Ask yourself this, do you want to go into business “winging it” or go in with an established plan that has been carefully researched and prepared?

                    The first step is meeting with you multiple times in order to learn about your company. What are your goals? Who are you trying to reach? What problem do your services solve? What emotions should your company portray? What colors should be used? What demographics are you serving? What assets do you currently have? All of these are sample questions that need to be answered. During the initial process, we learn as much as we can in order narrow our direction.
                    Research is the next step in our process. Each company is different and will require different amounts of research. Who is the target market? What image should we convey? What should the messaging be? IF you are an established company, what do your customers think about you? What does the competition look like? Our team will research all the factors that will go into the brand strategy.
                    The next step is building a branding board and/or brand plan. A proper brand strategy will help you position your company in the marketplace. During this process, our team will put the strategy into a written plan. The plan includes everything from brand standards, color boards, messaging, naming, and customer relations. It is a set of written standards that your company will be able to use for future marketing plans. This document will let future vendors or employees the “rules” of how your brand and assets may be used.
                    The final step is for our creative team to start executing the game plan and build out the assets and resources. This includes things like business materials, the website, logo, and other creative resources. Your brand should be a coordinated effort, touching every area of your business. At Brandnative, we help you not only develop your brand but can also fulfill the creative elements that bring it all together. For more information, contact one of our reps today!
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